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The StreetCred tax site is now closed until the next tax season. If you have questions regarding a tax return you filed with StreetCred, please email us at bmc@mystreetcred.org.

You can still file virtually through our partner, Get Your Refund's online portal. The IRS allows taxpayers to file after the deadline without penalty if the taxpayer is owed a refund. Click the button below to go to the portal.

StreetCred's tax site is open for the 2023 season until April 17th. Click the button above to schedule your appointment! You can also still file your return with our partners through Get Your Refund's online portal or at the Boston Tax Help Coalition. The IRS allows taxpayers to file after the deadline without penalty if the taxpayer is due a refund.

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Why is it free? (What’s the catch?)

When families get free tax help and big-time benefits like the child tax credit, it relieves financial stress and improves children’s health. We want to help our patients and community members stay as healthy as possible -- whether that’s by offering a flu shot or helping families claim the benefits they deserve. There’s no catch -- the service is free. We believe it’s that important.

Should I file taxes?

You can decide whether to file after you see how much you would get back or owe and talk with one of our tax preparers. If you have kids, you’ll probably get money back in the form of a refund or cash benefits. If you owe the government money, filing can protect you from penalties. When we prepare your taxes with you, we won’t submit it until you sign it and tell us to submit it. Click here to schedule your appointment: https://bmc.tfaforms.net/f/streetcred-appointment-schedule

What should I bring to my appointment?

We’re the tax experts, but you’re the expert about your family. Here’s a short list of information that will help us maximize your refund and get your taxes done quickly and accurately.

Do you offer other services as well as free tax preparation?

We do! As a family in the BMC Pediatric clinic, you're also eligible for free child savings accounts -- with the possibility of having $50 already deposited!

What our clients say

Dr. Lucy Marcil
“I started StreetCred because financial wellness is so closely connected to the health and wellbeing of children. We want to make sure parents get the best tax preparation they can.”
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